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Befriending the Zodiac

Articles about tarot, astrology, and online business, with personal storytelling sprinkled in like stardust.

Why Tarot is Magical: Because it Reveals Your True Self
Tarot is magical because it gives images and a language to describe the things we all experience but can’t always explain.    Like the Strength
4 Ways to Pick Your Tarot Card of the Year
Every year, I choose a tarot card, or a few, to focus on throughout the year. This helps me bring their energies into my life
How to Expand as a Business Owner: A Lesson from the Cancer Crab
As business owners, we must continually shed our protective shells in order to grow. In this article, you will learn how the zodiac sign of
5 Ways to Forge a Deep Personal Relationship with the Zodiac Signs
Astrology is most often approached like reading a map. Astrologers like me can look at your birth chart and better understand who you are based
5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Moon Phases
There’s something so majestic about the moon. We’re instinctively drawn to it. Even my 4 year old daughter has loved the moon for years. As