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As you probably know, there’s a total solar eclipse happening on Monday at 12:21 MDT.

Whether or not you’re able to see the totality, this eclipse is a big deal. Solar eclipses bring new beginnings into our lives, which can be exciting…but also uncomfortable. It’s first day of school energy, full of possibility, but also maybe a touch of fear or trepidation.

This eclipse is also a North Node eclipse, which means it’s designed to guide us in a direction that is more aligned with our purpose in this lifetime. This feels like Fool energy to me.

The Fool is the first card in the Major Arcana, depicting someone who is about to step into the unknown with only a tiny bag on the end of a stick. (He did think to bring his dog along, so he’s not that much of a fool, but I digress.)

Unlike all of the other cards in the tarot deck, the Fool doesn’t have a number of substance. It is card zero. Eclipse and Fool energy invites us to step off the edge of the cliff and trust that we will be okay.

But how do we do this? What gifts do our guides want to give us as we take this scary leap into the unknown?

Take a deep breath, connect to the energy of welcoming the new, and pick a card.

Whichever card you picked is designed to help you move into the new with your guides’ support. I hope you take this energy with you as the eclipse approaches.

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