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Welcome to the Befriend the Zodiac Shop!

Hi, I'm Daniela!

I’m a tarot reader, astrologer, and educator who makes Notion templates, courses, and does one on one intuitive readings. 

Scroll down to see my current offerings. I’ve gathered them all in one place so you can find them easily.

Free (and awesome) gifts

The Ultimate Digital Tarot Deck

Do tarot pulls on the go, record your tarot knowledge, and deepen your relationship with the cards.

Befriend the Zodiac Signs

Learn the signs’ keyword, qualities, myth, needs, and more. Then Record your growing knowledge of the zodiac signs in this Notion template.

Learn Tarot and Astrology

The Notion Tarot Journal

See the tarot card meanings at a glance when you do pulls, collect and access spreads in one click, understand how the cards connect, and more.

Astrology Academy

Learn about the signs, planets, houses, moon phases, and more in one beautiful space. Also includes a guide for understanding your birth chart. 

Support Your Business With Tarot

The Entrepreneur's Arcana Digital Tarot Deck

Unleash your entrepreneurial potential with this transformative digital deck designed for business owners. 

16 Tarot Spreads for Business Owners

Use these 16 tarot spreads with a physical deck or one of your Notion tarot decks to help you navigate the waters of building a one of a kind business.


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