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This Notion Template is for you if...

You love learning about the current transits, but whenever you hear about what's going on in the stars, you find yourself scratching your head and thinking "What does that mean again?

Whenever you meet someone new, you want to know whether their sign is a good fit with yours, and you wish there was something you could check quickly to find out.

You love the idea of integrating the zodiac signs into other areas of your life in Notion, like tagging a new contact with their sign in your CRM.

You are deeply curious about astrology and want a beautifully designed space to learn about the signs, as well as recording your new knowledge.

Each page includes information about the sign's:

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Hi, I’m Daniela. 

I’m an astrologer, tarot reader, writer, teacher, business coach and Notion nerd.

I live in Denver, Colorado with my 5 year old daughter and two fluffy pups!

I believe that everyone is intuitive and can connect deeply with energies like the zodiac signs and tarot cards. I create my Notion templates to help people integrate astrology and tarot learning into their lives.


A: To use this template, you will need a Notion account. However, it’s totally free to use Notion! (And you may just fall in love with it like I did.)

A: iOS, android, Apple, Windows, and there’s a web app

A: All purchases are final.


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