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A pretty big astrological event is going down tomorrow. 

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, luck, and making meaning is meeting up with Uranus, the planet of inspiration, rebellion, and authenticity. This meeting is going down at 21 degrees of Taurus at 8:27 PM MDT.

When these planets meet, it’s a time of inspiration, expansion, and change for the sake of authenticity and growth. And it’s the start of a brand new cycle between these two energies. In Taurus, this expansion is connected to pleasure, presence, and the physical world.

The last time Uranus and Jupiter met was in January of 2011, so this is a big deal. And they haven’t met up in Taurus in 84 years!!!

This week, lean into this expansive energy and embrace the mystery of the new. Get curious about how your relationship to presence, peace, and pleasure can shift.

Let’s pull a tarot card to help you embrace expansion, authenticity, and saying yes to the gifts the universe wants to bestow on you right now.

Take a deep breath, connect to the energy of welcoming the new, and pick a card.

I hope whichever card you pulled inspired you to jump into something new and exciting.

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