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Want to deepen your self-love with the magical guidance of tarot?

Grab these 8 Self-Love Tarot Spreads for free!

Spread Themes Include:

You will love these tarot spreads if...

You want to develop more self-love, self-trust, and self-compassion

You are committed to doing inner work

You love tarot and want spreads to help you connect with the cards

You like the idea of tarot as a friend and guide

Tarot spreads are delivered as PNG files and a PDF.

You can print them, save them on your phone, or incorporate them into your tarot journal!​

So...are you ready to grab your new tarot spreads?

Hi, I'm Daniela.

I make digital products about tarot and astrology for spiritual seekers who want to create their own relationships with the cards and the stars.

I’m a:

  • Tarot reader and astrologer. Gemini Sun + Scorpio Moon + Capricorn Rising = a teacher who loves to go deep and owns her own business.
  • Single mom to a 5 year old girl and 2 fluffy pups. My daughter already looooves tarot. Her favorite is the Moon card.
  • Coffee snob, foodie, and world traveler but I’m very down to earth.

I’m also someone who knows how to get people more clarity and self compassion in as little as 20 minutes with my intuitive tarot and astrology readings.

I hope you love using these tarot spreads as much as I do!

Questions? I have answers...

You’ll get an email with a button that says “Download Your Tarot Spreads.” Clicking the button will bring you to a Google Drive folder where you can download the spreads as PNGs or a PDF. You will also be added to my email list. 


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