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Access all the essential info about the signs right where you need it.

No more digging for information every time you read your horoscope or learn something new about your chart. With this template, you will have all of the information you need about the signs in one place.

Understand how the signs interact

One of the most powerful parts about knowing astrology is understanding how the signs interact. The page for each sign shows how it gets along with the other signs. Want more information about how the signs interact? You can connect any two pages in this template and view their information side by side.

Integrate the signs into your Notion workspace.

Connect this template to other databases in Notion to deepen your understanding of the signs. Connect this template to your monthly planning database to use the energies of the sun sign each month. Or tag your new contacts in your CRM with their sun sign.

Develop a deep and lasting understanding of the signs.

Because the signs are so complex, it can be difficult to fully grasp what they mean (and mean to you). This template offers a beautiful space for you to capture your evolving knowledge.

Each page includes information about the sign's:

Ready to add this template to your Notion workspace?

Hi, I’m Daniela. 

I’m an astrologer, tarot reader, Notion nerd, and the creator of this template!

I live in Denver, Colorado with my 6 year old daughter and two fluffy pups!

I believe that everyone is intuitive and can connect deeply with energies like the zodiac signs and tarot cards. I create my Notion templates to help people integrate astrology and tarot learning into their lives.


A: To use this template, you will need a Notion account. However, it’s totally free to use Notion! (And you may just fall in love with it like I did.)

A: iOS, android, Apple, Windows, and there’s a web app

A: All purchases are final.


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