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Join me for a Masterclass about how to integrate the moon phases into your life and business.

Tuesday, April 25th 3PM – 4PM EST

Why does running your business feel like an uphill battle so much of the time?

Running your own business is incredibly liberating. You can do what you want, when you want, and make a business that’s truly unique to you.


All too often, it feels like an overwhelming, endless to do list. You feel like you’re always behind.

And then there are all the stories and feelings that come up and stop you in your tracks.

You wish you could just be like all the successful business owners you see out there. They don’t have any of these struggles or hiccups, right?

So you go out and look for yet another tactic, strategy, or course to help you succeed. Only to feel even more overwhelmed. 

Yup. I’ve been there too. 

But what if the answers aren’t in someone else’s process, but in getting curious about your natural flow?

What if your internal blocks are actually supposed to be there?

What if everything you’re experiencing is just a natural part of your process of evolution?

Would it change anything in how you show up for yourself and your business if you could accept - and even love - every part of the process, even the challenging parts?

In the Moon Phase Momentum Masterclass, you will learn how the 8 moon phases can help you accept that hiccups, struggles, and even vulnerability hangovers are an integral part of building something that matters to you.

 And when you’re able to accept every part of the process, you’ll gain so much more momentum in your business.

Hi, I'm Daniela!

I spent years creating businesses that weren’t aligned with my intuition or my natural rhythms. 

It wasn’t until I learned about tarot, astrology, and the moon cycles that everything fell into place for me. I finally learned how to create a business where I could thrive, and I want the same for you.

The moon cycles in particular have helped me better understand my needs and rhythms so that I can show up for my business, myself, and my daughter day after day with self-compassion and joy. 

Building a business takes a ton of stamina and persistence, which is only possible when you give yourself an equal dose of rest and self-compassion. That’s what living with the moon cycles can do for you. 

I’m a:

  • Deeply compassionate human being
  • Former 3rd grade teacher
  • Gemini Sun + Scorpio Moon + Capricorn Rising
  • Single mom to a 5 year old girl and 2 fluffy pups. 
  • Coffee lover, foodie, and world traveler

"The moon cycles are really helpful to keep myself steady in my day to day life."

I study a lot of astrology, and this is the first time I’ve ever learned something so practical and doable around the moon phases. 

I’ve never cared about moon transits as much because they happen so quickly, but the cool thing about the moon cycles that you have taught me is that they’re really helpful to keep myself steady in the day to day as the other big transits are happening. 

— Angela Freebird, Trauma Informed JOY Coach

In this Masterclass, you will learn:

The Moon Phase Momentum Masterclass Includes:

A 1.5 hour-long, actionable training on the moon phases.

The training includes:

How do I sign up and join?

for only


You help me actually implement my moon phase knowledge in my life.

I’ve taken so many different courses on moon things and astrology, and this is the first time where it’s like, oh, this is how you do it. This isn’t just about lighting a white candle or lighting a green candle or a black candle during whatever moon phase. This is actually how you can use this and implement this in your life. 

– Dana Wilde, Mindset Coach at the Mind Aware

Questions? I have answers...

Yes. You will have access to a replay and I will also break the training down into smaller segments that you can go back to during each moon phase.

I am using a platform called Butter, which has some really cool features for group participation. You can use it right from your browser!

Nope, but I know you will get a ton out of this Masterclass!