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This round of Moon Phase Magic is now closed for new registrations. Thanks for your interest!

Moon Phase Magic is currently closed. 

Moon Phase Magic
March 20 - April 20, 2023

A lunar coaching program to help you honor your natural cycles and stop equating your productivity with your self-worth.

Why are you so good at being hard on yourself?

Do you ever berate yourself for being unproductive?

Do you set goals and then feel like a failure when you don’t achieve them? 

Or maybe you don’t set goals at all because you don’t want the inevitable disappointment when life gets in the way of you “making them happen.”

Yeah. I’ve been there. 

In our society, we often equate our productivity with our self-worth.

And no matter how many times we tell ourselves otherwise, it’s hard to shift away from that mentality. 

But that’s all about to change.

In Moon Phase Magic, you will learn a revolutionary way to understand the moon cycles that will help you redefine productivity, connect to your natural cycles, and feel worthy every single day - even if you haven't "accomplished" anything.

You will LOVE Moon Phase Magic if...

Just imagine...

Hi, I'm Daniela!

As a single mom, a Capricorn rising, and a business owner of 13 years, I have tons on my plate and not enough time or energy to do it all. I spent years berating myself because of my inability to fit into hustle culture.

I avoided setting goals because if I didn’t achieve them, I would feel terrible, and I could never guarantee that a life thing (i.e. my daughter being home sick) wouldn’t get in the way.

I knew in an abstract way that life is cyclical, and human beings aren’t designed to be on an upward trajectory forever, but I didn’t really believe it. 

When I began investigating the moon phases, I felt a HUGE wave of relief, because they provided a framework for personal evolution with slowdowns, setbacks, and struggle as a necessary part of the process. I was finally able to give myself compassion for my human-level of productivity.

The moon phases also taught me that inner healing, experimentation, and even “shiny object syndrome” are valid parts of the creative process. 

I won’t lie to you and say I’ve totally erased the equation PRODUCTIVITY = SELF WORTH from my inner whiteboard. But I do find a lot more joy, ease, and self-compassion in my work now. And I can bring all of myself into what I do – which makes a huge impact on what I’m able to offer (like this coaching program). I hope you’ll join me in embracing the medicine of the moon phases.


"Daniela's insights allowed me to breathe this huge sigh of relief that I am aligned with my path."​

I’ve been doing a lot of intentional healing and excavating of core wounds and it’s been an exhausting and uncertain process. So, I’ve also been struggling with finding some hope or relief for next steps. After the reading I felt so hopeful! Daniela’s insights allowed me to breathe this huge sigh of relief that I am aligned with my path. The session even permissioned me around some creative projects I have been letting collect dust.

— Ashley Hunt

What you get inside Moon Phase Magic

The Moon Phase Magic Course

You will receive lifetime access to the Moon Phase Magic Course. More information on the modules can be found below this section. 

Each lesson includes: 

Group Coaching

In addition to the Moon Phase Magic Course, you will receive group coaching in Heartbeat so that you can practice connecting to the moon in community. 

Group coaching experiences include:

Fast Action Bonus

If you sign up for Moon Phase Magic before March 6th at 12 PM Eastern time, you will also receive the Inner Rhythms Notion Journal Premium Edition (value $67), which includes:

Moon Phase Magic Course Modules

Module 1: Foundations

In this module, you will learn:  

Module 2: Inner Evolution

In this module, you will learn:  

Module 3: Collaboration

In this module, you will learn:  

Module 4: Integration

In this module, you will learn:  

"Daniela translates complex astrological information into clear themes and pathways."

Daniela combines a thorough knowledge of astrology with the ability to interpret and translate quite complex astrological information into clear themes and pathways. She brings this together with excellent coaching skills to help her clients develop practical actions.

— Laylah Lou

How it's going down:

March 20: Course Modules Drop + Community Opens

On March 20th, you will receive access to all of the course modules and receive access to the coaching community. 

Modules will be delivered as video and audio files with PDFs of the slides. Lessons will be 2-10 minutes each. Feel free to devour them all at once, wait until the relevant moon phases, or watch them whenever it feels right!

The course and community will both be hosted in Heartbeat, an online platform and app. You will need to join the Heartbeat community to access the materials.

March 21: New Moon Ceremony

On March 21st at 12 PM EST, we will meet via Zoom and welcome in the Aries new moon, spring, and the beginning of the new zodiac year.

I will do a brief visualization and ceremony to welcome the new moon cycle. We will then share our intentions for the new moon so we can support each other. I will also encourage you to share your intentions in the Heartbeat community. If you’re unable to attend live, you can watch the replay and share your intentions in a special thread in the community.


March 21 - April 20: Coaching in the Community

At the beginning of each moon phase (8 phases in all), I will post a prompt in the group sharing a bit about the moon phase, current moon placement in the zodiac, and inviting group members to share.

You are welcome to share your thoughts, how your intention is evolving, and anything else you would like to share. As always, sharing is optional and here for you if it feels right intuitively. 

Throughout the month, you are invited to post and connect in the community whenever it feels right. 


April 4: Full Moon Check In

At 12 PM EST on April 4, the day before the full moon in Libra, we will check in with each other via Zoom.

This will be an informal session to give us an opportunity to support and witness each other. This session will not be recorded. As always, you are invited to share in the community if you are unable to attend. 


April 20: Closing Ceremony

At 12 PM EST on April 20, we will meet on Zoom for a closing ceremony. 

I will do a ritual to say goodbye to the moon cycle. We will do a creative practice, some intuitive writing, and close the container of the group.

You will retain access to the course materials and the community. 


Daniela listens to you, validates your feelings and helps guide you to a higher understanding of your life and your future.

Daniela is amazing! She’s like a therapist with a tarot twist. She really listens to you, validates your feelings and helps guide you to a higher understanding of your life and your future.

— Joanna Brown

I loved, loved, loved getting to work with Daniela!

I loved, loved, loved getting to work with Daniela! She was so compassionate and wise. She knows SO much, and explains things so well ❤️.

-Sara Johnson-Cardona

Questions? I have answers...

The course materials will be available to you for as long as you need them, so your time investment in this program is really up to you. I trust you to show up as much as you want to/are able. That said, if you want to show up for all of the calls, go through all of the course material, and respond to all of the prompts in the group, you will spend a few hours a week participating.

Absolutely. You will learn everything you need to participate and transform within the container of the program.

Absolutely. The way I approach the moon phases is different than how other teachers do it, so you’ll learn a brand new way of relating to them! Plus, you’ll get to connect with other soulful folks in accepting your unique rhythms and cycles.

Yes you can! Anyone will get a lot out of this program. I will talk a bit about business stuff throughout the course, but the themes and ideas are universal.

Due to the nature of this program, no refunds are available. Please only commit to this program if you really want to do it!