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Meet the
2024 Lunar Wisdom Tarot Journal Notion Template

Self-reflect, align with your desires, and connect to the magic of the cosmos. All in 15 minutes a day.

You are a very busy woman.

You have a business to run. Kids to feed. A partner to support. Dogs to walk. Dishes to wash. Goals to achieve. 

And in all of the craziness of your life, something gets lost. 

That something is your connection to yourself and to the magic of the universe.  

By the time you’re done taking care of everything and everyone else, you just want to collapse into a cozy chair and drink a glass of wine. 

You keep saying you’re going to journal, pull tarot cards, and give yourself the care you deserve…but somehow it always ends up at the very bottom of your list.

But guess what? 

There is an easy way to integrate self-connection and spirituality into your day. And you can even do it while you’re drinking that delicious glass of Merlot. 

With this magical Notion template, you will:

"I am feeling inspired on a daily basis to work towards my desires, and am seeing a change in my overall happiness and productivity."

I am loving this journal! Even after just a few days I was already feeling more fulfilled, connected, motivated, and more productive. It is put together so well and has become a seamless part of my routine. I am feeling inspired on a daily basis to work towards my desires, and am seeing a change in my overall happiness and productivity.

-Alison B.,  Self-acceptance and REBT practitioner

Imagine this...

A member cancels their membership and you feel deflated. 

Instead of letting yourself focus on it, you turn to your Lunar Wisdom Tarot Journal, answer the daily question, and pull a supportive tarot card. 

You are able to get back to work with joy and confidence instead of letting it derail your entire day.

You collapse into bed after a long day, and, after reviewing your Lunar Wisdom Tarot Journal, you realize that you’ve been stressed for weeks.

You make a plan for taking better care of yourself. Then you use your journal to make sure you follow through on it for the next few weeks. You’re able to get back to equilibrium instead of spiraling down.

For the last 3 years, you’ve had the same thing on your vision board – quitting your job and building a successful business.  But somehow, you haven’t quite had the courage to do it yet. 

After using your Lunar Wisdom Tarot Journal and reminding yourself of that desire everyday, you finally begin building that business you’ve always wanted.

What you get inside the Lunar Wisdom Tarot Journal

A vision board that's integrated into your daily journal

Raise your hand if you’ve ever done a beautiful vision board, hung it on the wall, and then…promptly forgot it existed. 

With this Notion template, you’ll create your vision board and then reconnect to your desires every day. When you do this, you’re more likely to actually build the life you want instead of just dreaming about it. 

Daily tarot pull questions inspired by the lunar rhythms + a digital tarot deck to do your pulls

If you’ve ever tried and failed to maintain a daily tarot practice, you will loooove this journal. 

You won’t have to scour Instagram searching for a new challenge each month to have questions for your daily tarot pulls, because this journal comes with 365 questions based on the lunar rhythms.

No more tarot pic photos filling your photo library without any context. With this journal, you will be able to see your feelings, interpretation, and the card meaning for every pull. And you’ll be able to track how often and when you’ve pulled each card so you can see which cards are trying to befriend you the most.

Plus the digital tarot deck has a “do a tarot pull” view so you don’t even need a physical deck to use your journal. Just read the daily question, choose a card, and do your interpretation.

A calendar of the major astrological transits for 2024

Do you want to keep up to date with the cosmos? Do you listen to astrology podcasts and get overwhelmed with everyhing going on astrologically? 

With the Lunar Wisdom Tarot Journal, you can see all of the transits right inside your journal, take notes, and track how your inner rhythms match up with the celestial movements. 

Space to track your moods, energy level, creativity cycle, social desire, and more

Q: How do you design a life that best fits your natural rhythms?

A: By tracking and paying attention to them.

The Lunar Wisdom Tarot Journal guides you to track your rhythms everyday. This daily practice will help you better understand how to take care of yourself, and over time, you will see how your rhythms align with those of the moon and planets, so that you can make the most out of every day. (Even if “making the most of it” means cuddling with your dog and watching TV.)

Hi, I'm Daniela!

I’m a busy single mom to a 5 year old girl and two big dogs. I run my own business. And I’m a Gemini, so I’m always all over the place!

In the beginning of COVID, I discovered Notion, and I was HOOKED. Finally a tool that could help me make the journal and tracker I’d always wanted.

It started out as a more generic daily journal, but over the years, as I learned more about self-care, tarot, and the moon cycles, I integrated what I was learning into this beautiful Lunar Wisdom Tarot Journal.

This is the only journal I’ve used consistently, day after day, for the past 3 years, because it helps me connect to myself, the moon cycles, and tarot. It’s also super quick and easy to use. 

I hope it brings as much magic into your life as it has mine!

Ready to be in sync with the moon in 2024?

Questions? I have answers...

Notion is an app that works on your phone and tablet and desktop. It allows you to create custom pages with interconnected databases and to duplicate templates from other creators (like this one). The free version is more than adequate for you to use this template!

You will receive a link to your template via email after you submit payment. 

The template will include a training video on how to use it. 

Because this is a digital product, I do not give refunds. 

Please email me at and I will answer your question to the best of my ability.