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Plan and run your business guided by the wisdom of the zodiac.

Who knew planning and running your business could be this magical?

If you’re like me, just the words “Business Plan” makes you want to go wash the dishes…or literally do anything that doesn’t involve writing out your unique value proposition.

But business planning doesn’t have to be boring. It can actually be kind of…magical.

Each of the astrology signs has unique wisdom to share, and you can leverage their ancient energies to plan and run a business that doesn’t just create revenue, but does it in a way that lights you up like the North Star. (See what I did there? 😉)

Strategize With the Stars helps you plan for a business with your intuition and the ancient wisdom of astrology, and then tap into the magic of the zodiac as you run your business every day.

Strategize with the Stars was made for you if...

Hi, I'm Daniela!

I make digital products and online courses about intuitive tools like tarot and astrology for business owners who want to infuse their businesses with intuition and magic.

More about me:

What you get inside Strategize with the Stars

Guided planning activities for every zodiac sign

A complete Notion dashboard for running your business and standing out in the online space.

Strategize With the Stars is Delivered as a Notion Template.

Access it on your computer, phone, or tablet, using the free Notion app. 

*You will receive the sections for Aries through Leo today, and the sections for Virgo through Pisces by Friday, May 19th.

When I first conceived of this product, it was going to be a simple Google Doc Workbook. But then it wanted to become so much more. It’s now a beautiful, robust, and deeply supportive Notion template. That means you’ll be getting a product that I will likely sell for a much higher price…but it needs a bit more time to cook. Thank you for your understanding and your patience!

Are you ready to grab your Strategize with Stars Astrological Business Planner and Dashboard?

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Questions? I have answers...

A: Nope. You can use it at any time in your business journey to get more clarity and learn how to connect to your intuition.

A: It’s not that type of business plan. This is more for your own internal business planning. 

A: Each page has insights about your birth chart. If you want to learn more about your birth chart, you can book a reading with me here. 

A: All purchases are final.

A: Please share this page with them, so they can purchase their own dashboard.

A:  Feel free to email me at I look forward to hearing from you!


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